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Welcome to Magzo custom guide, your one-stop resource for selecting and installing the perfect custom magnetic screen door.

In the first section of this guide, we'll walk you through the simple steps of measuring your door frame to ensure you purchase a magnetic screen door that fits flawlessly, enhancing the comfort and functionality of your home.

The second section is dedicated to guiding you through the installation process, providing clear instructions and helpful tips to make setting up your new custom screen door a breeze.

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  • Ⅰ. How to Measure
  • Ⅱ. How to Install

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Ⅰ. How to Measure

you can custom the width and height of your door frame, just need input the your size , then choose a range to order, we will according to your provide to customize for you.

please make sure the size your door frame, we will customize width and height of the magnetic door according to the size you provide.

Check your size and compare it to our size chart, manual measurement may lead to 0.4-0.6inch errors is your acceptable range.

  1. Measure Door Width: Measure the inside width of the door frame. You should measure in a few places (top, middle, and bottom) as not all door frames are perfectly square. Use the widest measurement as your door width.

  2. Measure Door Height: Measure the inside height of the door frame from the top of the floor, threshold, or rug to the bottom of the door header. Again, it may be useful to take a few measurements and use the longest one as your door height.

  3. Check for Obstructions: Make sure there are no obstructions that could interfere with the placement or operation of the magnetic screen door. This could include light switches, doorbells, or decorative trims.

  4. Double Check Measurements: It's always a good idea to double check your measurements to ensure accuracy.

Ⅱ. How to Install

  1. Clean the door frame and wait until the cleaned areas completely dry.

  2. Place the mesh flat on the floor with the loop side facing up.

  3. Attach the supplied hook tape to the top and each 2 sides of the mesh.

  4. Press HOOK&LOOP for a few seconds to fix them firmly. Peel off the top white backing paper firstly once you are ready to stick the mesh to your door frame.

  5. Stick the mesh to the top of the door frame as shown on the picture, then peel off the rest backing paper and stick ook&loop to the frame from top to bottom.

  6. You can use pushpins for extra support, wooden door frame only, but please be aware it will leave small holes.

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